Who we are

Founder/Executive Director

Ms. Bell has worked in the Human Services Field for over 20 years. Her background includes substance abuse recovery, mental illness , homelessness, childcare, senior care and working with children in the foster care system. She has a certificate in Office Technology, an Associate Degree in Administrative Information Processing-Executive and an Associates in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Bell also completed her Bachelors Degree in Human Services with a concentration in Child and Family Welfare.

Ms. Bell has provided volunteer services to Meals on Wheels and other places like her church, the woman's shelter in Lawrenceville, GA and Rochester Business Institute while studying for her degree.

Ms. Bell have always had a passion for servicing people. In 2014, her second oldest child was incarcerated and later sentenced to 10 years after being caught in a stolen car. This traumatic experience increased her passion and understanding for parents with incarcerated children, which led to Sarah's Vine Inc. Her goal is to provide assistance and support for parents of incarcerated children and make connections that will bring families together, also guide parents as they strive to be the strength and support that's needed for all of their children.


Myriam Donchance, Vice President

Ronald Clark, Associate Director

Shawn Benard, Secretary & Treasurer